In the aftermath of the December 2015 floods the team at Sedgwick wanted to develop a tool that could help clients in the initial few hours of an incident occurring. Many clients did not have ready access to their business continuity and disaster plans making it challenging to get hold of the right information and advice when it was most needed.

The Sedgwick team began developing an App which would resolve this issue. The App, designed in collaboration with our customers, makes all the relevant information required in those first crucial few hours available in one place. It is all accessible via a smart phone so there’s no need for clients to try and find the paper copies of plans or to log on to the system.

New development

We have now developed the App so that clients can notify us directly of a personal injury or property claim.  Photos and videos of the incident can be taken and uploaded seamlessly to provide additional information to support the notification making the whole process simple and stress free.

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