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Fraud investigation is a sensitive issue, requiring trust and integrity in the relationship between all stakeholders. In today’s more litigious culture the investigation of fraud should be a seamless part of the adjusting procedure.

In keeping with the company’s high customer service ethos, Vericlaim has developed a proportionate solution which combines detailed analysis with 21st century technical and technological processes to maximize control of the claim.

Fraud investigation forms an integral part of all relevant product lines, particularly commercial property risks and liability. Early identification of those adverse features which we most commonly associate with fraudulent activity is at the heart of our seamless, integrated process.

Key features include:

  • Every claim is evaluated and critically appraised from first instruction to final settlement
  • Seamless interaction between all stakeholders
  • A proportionate, proactive response to a sensitive issue
  • Case ownership from beginning to resolution – no ‘hand offs’
  • Management information provision
  • Non-fraud related evidence gathering.


  • Market leading performance in terms of fraud identification and investigation
  • Low leakage, reduced indemnity spend
  • Strong customer confidence, satisfaction and retention
  • Proactive approach to evidence gathering
  • Prompt settlement of genuine claims
  • Proven fraudulent claims are robustly declined.

Key Contact

Richard Dyer
Associate Director, Head of Fraud

+44 (0)121 200 8693

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