Recruiting and retaining the best people

We are proud that our people are considered to be the best in the business and that we have an enviable reputation for developing and retaining our staff.

We have developed a framework that identifies the knowledge and competencies required of adjusters through the various stages of their career development and train our people accordingly. In the early stages, our development programme is shaped by requirements for CILA qualification but extends to focus on more practical aspects of case handling, customer service and file management.

We take succession planning very seriously to ensure a balanced combination of youthful enthusiasm with new ideas to grey haired reliability and experience. This spectrum of expertise from trainees/graduate trainees to ‘senior statesmen’ adjusters – together with our policy of recruitment ahead of demand to recruit the best current and potential talent – not only helps us to the deliver the best possible client service but also helps to ‘futureproof’ Vericlaim’s growth and development.

Vericlaim is always interested in talking to people who might be interested in working for us. If you think your skill set and work ethos might be what we are looking for, please email your CV to Simon Kay.

Key Contact

Simon Kay
Director, Head of Operations
+44 (0)1937 846 270